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Food4Thought OSRS Range Training

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Fly your glider over Ape Atoll. After landing, take a run to the south and examine the tiny patch of grass to get into the tunnel. Then, sprint to the pit covered in vines. Then, plunge further (random location for everyone). Made it? You can now go south to the large open cavern. Soon, crowds of insane monkeys will swarm your way. Chinchompas tightly held, embrace the wall to the south-east. Pray protection from melee. Make sure you pinpoint the middle monkey. Now send your message... You'll realize each successful hit will earn you over 700 experience points. Because there are a lot of monkeys who are aggroed and you'll be able to AFK them easily. If they cease to be aggressive, simply dash north then return. Other than 950k+ range-experience per hour and easy AFK course, what else will make this system so great? Drops you receive. Maniacal monkeys throw piles of rune scimitars along with the prayer potion (1). They allow you to train up to the third age. In addition, you'll earn back on your money while you learn from the experiences. Pro tip: Bring 3-4 extra range potions. Since they drop gallons of prayer restore potions, greater numbers of hits will increase your chances of winning surely?


Now you know. You've discovered the top OSRSr ange guide spots. Hot spots and inside tactics archers who are masters of their craft use the effectiveness of their archery. Imagine the excitement you'll get when you eliminate monsters and players faster. Making more money. Your friends and family members may ask for your secrets... You may consider "as as fast as chinning gets expensive!" You're right. However, they are the best training techniques. If you apply these methods, you'll reach 99 to 100 percent in just one day. How much time does that help you? Like always, have fun. Whatever your style, whether casual adventure or a hardcore star or hungry player, it's Runescape's how you create. Yourself and for others. Also, make sure to win the levels. You must defeat the boss. Put on that cape. And remember, enjoy your adventure. P.S Would you like to don that famous 99 range cape tonight? Visit our OSRS gold store now. You can have unlimited gold delivered to you. Anytime. Anywhere. 24/7. But be quick before prices increase once more. P.S.S Do you want to know additional tips, tricks, and information? Check out our blog. There's a treasure trail of riches that are waiting for you.
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