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Hamidreza Ghorbani is a music artist, singer, songwriter, composer, sound recordist and editor, recording Artist and, producer of pop music.
He was born on July 30, 1991 in Isfahan province and the vast country of Iran and grew up in Tehran from the age of five.
After completing his studies in the field of computer and programming, he entered the field of music and collaborated with the great musicians of Iran and the world and He is known as the "lucky Luke of Iranian music.
He started playing the guitar at the age of 20, and he also has complete mastery of the piano, harmonica and electric instruments.
In recent years, Hamidreza Ghorbani's albums in collaboration with world pop music kings such as: Shay Watson, Peterbalts, Klaus Luchs, Jason Goforth, Sarah Rebecca, Ella Hartt, Peter Gabriel, Jenny Teator, etc. have been noticed by everyone.
These amazing collaborations are summed up in three albums and several singles that have been performed in English/American and Farsi languages.
His activities include making music for important radio and television stations He has several world albums with singers, musicians and musicians. His songs and Albums is avalible on All Major Platforms.
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