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Adding your bank account to PayPal
The procedure to add your bank account to PayPal has been discussed below. So, check out the details
specified below and make sure you follow each step carefully in the same way as it is listed:
1. To begin, sign in with your PayPal login credentials
2. Now, go to the wallet section of your account
3. Then, select the option to add a card or bank account
4. After that, choose the option that allows you to add your bank account
5. Provide the details that you are requested for
6. Review the details carefully and select Agree and add
In case you are unable to add your bank account, you can also try adding your debit or credit card to
your PayPal login account and see if that helps. Since being a verified PayPal account holder allows you

to enjoy the benefits of a PayPal account, therefore you should get your account verified without any


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