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Laser (laser) is the abbreviation of "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation" in English, and is also called laser in Taiwan. It is another major invention of mankind in the 20th century after atomic energy, computers, and semiconductors. It is called the "fastest knife", "the most accurate ruler", "the brightest light" and "singular laser." According to experts, lasers are extremely versatile. There are laser lights for stage decoration, laser projectors for classroom presentations, laser pointers for instructions, laser scalpels for removing eye bags and correcting myopia, and they are frequently used in life or work. Laser recordings, laser printing and laser phototypesetting, new laser projection TVs used in the Beijing Olympics, etc., lasers have long been inseparable from our lives.

We must pay attention to the safe use of laser

In order to reduce and prevent this kind of high power laser pointer damage, my country has formulated several standards for laser safety, such as the "Radiation Safety, Equipment Classification, Requirements and User Guide for Laser Products" issued by the National Bureau of Standards in 1987, and the National Bureau of Technical Supervision in 1988. The "Electrical Safety of Laser Equipment and Implementation" promulgated in 1989, the "Laser Radiation Hygienic Standard for Workplaces" promulgated by the Ministry of Health in 1989 and the "Laboratory Laser Safety Rules" promulgated by the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics in 1991.

For laser CD players and printers used in homes or offices, due to the specially designed structure, the blue laser pointerpath is sealed in the machine, which can generally ensure safety, but it is not ruled out that some products will radiate part of the invisible infrared light. The more invisible, the more dangerous. For visible lasers, most people know how to protect them, and at least they can’t look directly at them, but for invisible lasers, most people have no experience in this area. People should pay more attention to the safety protection of laser light path products outside the machine.

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