This could be used to expand its database of animation

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This could be used to expand its database of FUT 22 Coins animation. The game publisher was particularly interested in the tiniest details such as how a fullback catches the ball using his laces, to the way players look at their shoulder when they receive the ball.

Gareth Eaves (senior animation director at EA) was the instructor for the discussion via remote. "Ultimately real-world realism leads to more enjoyable games." "We have been wanting it for a long time, but the technology was not there."

EA generally uses actors, optical capture, and sometimes a star footballer such as Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo to develop new animations. It's difficult to quickly move the ball or move the ball from one end to the other in the confines of a tiny area. FIFA animators have transformed the restricted movements of motion-captured actions like one-on-ones and keepie-uppies, and dribbles, into fluid moves that mimic eleven-a-side games.

The cameras have gone. Motion capture was discarded. Only the Xsens suits remain left. Eaves states that drift was a major issue. We knew that the joints of the players were to each other however, they were not to each other in space. This meant that players could play around, and then come back to their starting place 10 metres away.

The game changer for EA has been the LPS system, which is a local positioning system. LPS beacons were placed in the stadium, in lieu of cheap FIFA 22 Coins GPS satellites. The players had motion sensors that were attached to their chests.


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