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  1. Funko Pop: Collectible Line of Kids School Supplies


This section features the Kids School Supplies. The Funko Pop Funko Action Figures is a line of collectible figurines, created by Funko in 1998. The idea behind the Funko Pop was to create a new line of figures with large heads and small bodies. The Funko POPs collectibles were introduced by Funko in 2017 and it soon became a very popular product. The company also created the other versions of the POPs such as Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, Fortnite, etc.


The origins of this company are quite simplistic. They started by making bobbleheads that looked like celebrities to be sold at baseball games. The company then expanded its market to create many more products that are now available in many stores all over the world. Some people might be wondering how they can get their hands on these collectibles if they don’t live near any store that sells them. There are two options available for ordering these collectibles online. They are also available as kids’ school supplies toys. You can change color schemes, but with a twist – you have to go all in and get an additional set of limbs for each action pose and let the toy be in its plastic case. They offer a collection of toys which includes Funko POPs figures of these popular children's characters and this is where the fun begins. The collection not only features real-life like Funko POPs models of these action figures such as the one of Kids school supplies, but also other characters from these beloved Disney movies. Children can collect their favorites from their favorite Disney movies such as The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, etc.

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