Guide to Gleamite in New World

New World is celebrating its first ever winter holiday event called Winter Convergence Festival.

New World is celebrating its first ever winter holiday event called Winter Convergence Festival. The event also introduced a new in-game currency called Winter Token. These tokens allow players to redeem time-limited event items. However, players can only get Winter Tokens by using Gleamite.

Winter Convergence Festival will have its own mission line for a limited time. During the entire process of the player’s exploration, they finally need to complete the Winter Wanderer mission and send them to Winter Village. In this task, the player must dig for the dropped Gleamite Crystals. Winter Wanderer will mark the location of all dropped crystals so that players can easily find them. However, please remember that Gleamite Crystals will not always appear in these specific locations. If players find the game task difficult, they might as well buy New World Gold to make the exploration process easier.

All Gleamite Crystals will only appear at certain times in Aerternum. From nightfall to dawn, Gleamite Meteors will sprinkle Aeternum at random locations. Because of their glamorous violet shade glow, it is easy to miss these beautiful crystals. In addition, finding Gleamite Crystals will be a breeze, because players can see them falling from the sky. After the meteor shower, players can harvest large crystals to get Gleamite. This is a romantic mission.

After harvesting enough Gleamite, players can exchange resources for Winter Token. Players only need to go to the nearest Winter Village in Holiday Hut to trade Winter Token. You need 10 Gleamites to get 1 Winter Token. Players can then use these Winter Tokens to redeem exclusive Winter Fusion Festival rewards. However, players who missed the event can spend New World Gold on getting these rewards.

Winter Convergence Festiva proves that Amazon Studios keeps its promise to hold winter themed events. Despite all the challenges, developers are still looking for ways to make the new world an interesting MMORPG. This event allowed players to trust the developer more and also stimulated players’ desire to buy New World Gold.

In fact, IGGM is also holding winter events, and they offer a 7% discount event. If you need New World Gold, action now. This is a rare chance.

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