Best Centers in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM

NBA 2K22 is an indispensable part of many players.

NBA 2K22 is an indispensable part of many players. They spend a lot of time and buy NBA 2K MT to build their own strong team. In the establishment of NBA 2K22 MyTEAM, the often overlooked but important position was the center position.

Depending on the way players run MyTEAM, some players may perform better at the center position than others. Of course, this question depends entirely on who is building NBA 2K22 MyTEAM. However, some players have much higher ratings than others, so they perform better.

If players will buy many NBA 2K22 MT to strengthen the team, then there are some talented players to choose from in the Pink Diamond Center. First, if the players have 95 OVR Shaquille O’Neal, although he can only be locked in the center position. But his A+ Inside Scoring, A+ Post Defense, and A+ Rebounding are still worth the players’ 120K NBA 2K22 MT Auction price.

Our last choice at Pink Diamond is 96 OVR Joel Embiid. He has great rebounds, but his shooter is much better than O’Neal card. His 3PT score is B+. In NBA 2K22, his auction price is slightly better, about 75K NBA 2K22 MT.

For Best Diamond centers, this may be the lowest level players went in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM. Starting from 94 OVR Nikola Jokic, his position is locked in the center position. However, he provides players with power forward tendencies, such as A-3PT shooting, A+ basketball IQ, and A-organizational ability. Players can get him for 20K NBA 2K22 MT.

The next option in NBA 2K22 is 93 OVR George Mikan, who can play center and power forward at the same time. His 93 OVR doesn’t mean he won’t get a lot of points. He scored A+ for the inside and A for the mid-range. He really did well on defense and rebounding, both of which are A+.

The ultimate choice was 93 OVR LaMarcus Aldridge, another C/PF player. Our biggest problem with Aldridge is his D+ organizational skills. He made up for this slightly with his A two 3PT shots. He is also very cheap, less than 10K NBA 2K22 MT at auction, which makes him a real MyTEAM budget choice for many players.

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