How do you buy Bitcoin or other cryptos on the Binance exchange?

We all are aware of the craze of cryptocurrency trading that is taking birth in the lives of budding investors. And, when we hear the term cryptocurrency, the first thing that may strike you is "Bitcoin". BTC or Bitcoin is one of the early crypto tokens that are released in the

However, a lot of users are still not aware of the method to invest in or purchase Bitcoins. So, the section below would help you with purchasing your first Bitcoin on the Binance exchange.

Well, Binance is one of the most popular and trusted crypto exchanges that we have with us and we have heard anything bad about this exchange ever. So, if you want, you can go ahead with learning the right process to get started with making your first crypto purchase. But, before you can begin, you need to make sure that you remember your Binance exchange account login details. If you do not remember the login details, reset your password first and then go ahead with the steps listed in the section below.

Here's how to buy crypto on Binance

  1. At first, it is mandatory that you open the official Binance exchange website
  2. After this, you need to spot and tap on the "Buy Now" button
  3. Enter the fiat amount with which you want to initiate the purchase
  4. After reviewing the details, click on the "Continue" option
  5. On the payment page, choose your preferred payment method
  6. Again, you can review the details and click "Continue"
  7. Now, follow some more steps and enter the details of the chosen payment method
  8. After you have added your card details, click on "Continue"
  9. At this stage, check the fee details and confirm your order
  10. Enter the bank's OTP to complete the purchase


On Binance exchange, buying and selling cryptos is a child's play and one can easily undergo the complete process if he keeps up with the instructions that are given here. However, before beginning the procedure, one needs to make sure that he keeps sufficient balance in his Binance account to pay the transaction fee.

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