Lost Ark: Learn more about the gameplay of this free MMO

Lost Ark is currently in Early Access, so I think you should know how to play the western version of this MMO.

Lost Ark is currently in Early Access, so I think you should know how to play the western version of this MMO.

After launching in South Korea in 2019, Lost Ark is set to launch in Western markets on February 11. The well-known Amazon company will serve as Lost Ark's Western market publisher. The MMO is free and open, and it mainly relies on microtransactions for revenue.

Players can download Lost Ark for free starting February 11 from Steam or the game's website, though early access will already be unlocked for players who have purchased one of the game's Founders Packs.

For players who have not received the Founders Pack, they can enjoy a fully open free game on February 11. While the South Korean MMO is notorious for its predatory Lost Ark Buy Gold microtransactions, the Western version of Lost Ark has changed the way its microtransactions work, which also caters to cultural differences.

Lost Ark Gold

Some changes ensure that in-game microtransactions become optional, and players can get exactly the same content through regular gameplay. Players can also purchase any item through in-game economic transactions.

Lost Ark players should be most aware of the biggest microtransaction, Crystalline Aura, a monthly subscription that provides players with a number of useful buffs, including free fast travel, additional Bifrost slots, and a reduced cooldown on strongholds and production time.

Additionally, Lost Ark will also offer more traditional microtransactions, which unlock skins, pets, and other cosmetic items for players with cash. And, Amazon is also giving Prime subscribers a freebie that they can get through Prime Gaming. The first free bundle from Amazon is now live, which includes a free Crystal Aura, Amethyst Shard, and Battle Chest bundle.

Amazon is also using its Twitch ownership to give potential players more free loot on the streaming platform to celebrate the launch of Lost Ark.

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