WoW TBC Classic news in Blizzard announcement

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As we know after Diablo 2 Resurrected, the time for remasters is over - Blizzard will only present new titles and sequels in the future. As the tweet sounds, we're getting updates on at least three Blizzard games. If you might also announce a replacement event for the failed BlizzCononline, it's time for a sneak peek at WoW 10.0.

Karsten doesn't expect any big surprises

If it weren't for the 2021 scandal, we'd probably be heading towards the next BlizzCon Online now. And what would have been the themes then? Well, probably the announcement of the next WoW expansion, an update on Overwatch 2 and a preview of the upcoming phases of TBC Classic plus the confirmation of WotLK Classic. And maybe the unveiling of the next Blizzard IP that is supposed to conquer mobile devices in China and Co.

WoW and Diablo Immortal news
Since it's not about what I wish for, but about what I expect ... then we will surely find out when WoW Patch 9.2 will be released and where the journey will take us after that. Sure, there won't be a big BlizzCon to announce a WoW expansion. So this has to be solved somehow.

Hopefully more in the style of an interactive Final Fantasy fan festival and not in the style of a sterile and impersonal BlizzConline 2021. I really hope that the WoW makers have taken a close look at the feedback of the past few weeks and months to come up with a new expansion to make meaningful game decisions. We don't know whether the announced acquisition of Microsoft took some of the financial pressure off WoW production. That being said, I'm expecting Diablo Immortal. First an open beta and then finally a release.

Seb actually has new IPs in mind alongside WoW 10.0
Mike Ybarra speaks of several product reviews, so I think we can expect updates on several well-known projects like Diablo (both part 4 and Immortal), but possibly also new IPs or mobile offshoots. I actually believe that there won't just be a dull update to well-known Blizzard games, but that we'll at least get a sneak peek of a new project.

First and foremost, I also have an announcement for a kind of BlizzCononline in mind and of course I want to know what the future of World of Warcraft is like. I expect a date for patch 9.2. As of now, I still doubt whether we really get any information about 10.0. 10.0 and beyond are more for a BlizzCononline.

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