36 Top Essay Topic Ideas Students Should Must Consider

The article sheds light on 36 essay ideas that will set the balling rolling in case you have hit upon a writer’s block. You will find descriptive, compare and contrast, expository, proposal, argumentative, philosophical essays

Many students struggle to overcome the first hurdle of essay writing-topic selection. Hence, they seek essay homework help online in the USA from professional experts. However, if you read journals, books, blog posts, websites, you will never run out of ideas.

To set the ball rolling, you can check out the following essay prompts.

Philosophical Essay

  1.     Explain trust as per your understanding
  2.     Would you like to modify any of your friends’ character traits?
  3.     Utilitarianism: Argue for or against
  4.     Impact of video games on young adults
  5.     Is the notion of ‘egoism’ good or bad?
  6.     Religion is affecting our lifestyle


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Argumentative Essay

  1.     Women should not be allowed in the sport of boxing. Comment.
  2.     Do social media platforms hamper daily activities?
  3.     Should fracking be allowed to continue?
  4.     Should parents treat siblings of different gender equally?
  5.     Vaccination is necessary for students to attend public schools.
  6.    Book reading is important even in the age of Internet

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Proposal Essay

  1. Fundraiser campaigns for cancer research
  2. Steps to deal with teenage pregnancy issues
  3. How is technology disrupting our lifestyles?
  4. Can online gamers be treated like professional athletes?
  5. Action plan for harnessing coal resources wisely
  6. Employees should be allowed to access their email accounts

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Expository Essay

  1. Describe the possible effects of voting
  2. How to handle failures and not be affected by poor grades?
  3. How can you alter your daily schedule in a month?
  4. Why are public libraries getting less popular?
  5. Are Elon Musk’s plans and inventions harmful for the society?
  6. Can unemployment be reduced by protectionism?

Descriptive Essay

  1. A strange person you have ever met
  2. One crucial step that changed your outlook on life
  3. Your favourite TV series and why you enjoy it
  4. A place that you would love to revisit
  5. A day when nothing went in your favour
  6. Achieving workplace goals by staying focused

When you write these essays, you must share a detailed insight into the subject matter.

Compare and Contrast Essay

  1. Usual post vs Email
  2. Best US President: Biden vs Trump
  3. Vegetables vs fruits
  4. Watching movies at home vs the viewing experience at theatres
  5. OS Platforms: Linux vs Windows
  6. Classical music vs modern day music

As you can see here, you have to make an analogy between two items, people, etc.

You should start practicing with the above mentioned topics. And if you face any issues, avail homework help in the USA from the experts. They will guide you with the writing process.

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