#Metaverse — #web3.0 <br>#interactive Video — #Java Script

#Metaverse — #web3.0 <br>#interactive Video — #Java Script <br>On #NFT and #Blockchain. <br>What will be the developments in Multi Platform (web, mobile, HBBTV, etc.) services?

Gürhan Şen

Nov 5, 2021

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#Metaverse — #web3.0
#interactive Video — #Java Script
On #NFT and #Blockchain.
What will be the developments in Multi Platform (web, mobile, HBBTV, etc.) services?

#Metaverse — #web3.0
#interactive Video — #Java Script
On #NFT and #Blockchain..
What will be the developments in Multi Platform (web, mobile, HBBTV etc.) services?

After the merger of ClouPlay.com #NFT and #BlockChain structures, we started working with our social Media Platform ClouFan.com to equip Tivu.Co’s Ott and Live Streaming Platform with #NFT and #BlockChain services.

Metaverse for our users who use all of our Services

After a new Metaverse Virtual universe BlockChain #NFT synchronization, everyone is in the race to present this world to their users with Virtual Glasses, different products, different infrastructures.

After adding interactivity to our services on the Web, Mobile and Television, we started to consider whether it was worth the time and investment spent on Platforms developed on infrastructures identified with gaming platforms.

Our decision is no.

On the Television side of our HBBTV services, there are 4M users in Turkey and 400m in Global in our Broadband and Broadcasting services.

So how should we provide a solution for home smart computers and mobile products and dumb TVs for users outside 400m.

This is where the ClouPutu development phase comes into play.

Clou has a single vision, the video on your screen ceases to be secondary and acts as the main screen.

You use other services through Video Streaming.

Our main vision is to build this Metaverse universe on this roof.

Putting this world in the interactive Matrix Java Script we prepared on the video gives us the opportunity to present our Metaverse Virtual universe to our users.

On mobile and web. We have to run with the same services. What should we do? To provide a Metaverse virtual universe to our services running Media, Advertising, Rating and Shopping services.

Java Script of course.
We started to design this world on Java Script. We don’t need a new Multi-Platform solution when our Web 2.0–3.0 services run on Broadband and Broadcast. Java Script can offer us all these worlds.

We can rearrange the text data according to the date range in our matrix in the video. We can organize the Ad data in the video in the coordinate system. We can run Java Script services synchronously in our matrices in the video.

Let’s present our existing HBBTV, Web, Mobile services designed on the new Metaverse Universe Java Script to our Customers.

Consider the glasses, infrastructure cost and technical team requirements and most importantly how much money you can use, don’t rely on these designs in your dream universe.

When we worked for the Metaverse Virtual Universe, we realized that the product you get from any site or infrastructure in NFT, Blockchain infrastructure should be an infrastructure that you can adapt to instantly.

The virtual universe, which is the main infrastructure where you can create all the shapes of your character, is actually Java Script, this language that no one has seen before your eyes will be the language of the next century.

#ClouJure that will give you incredible options. Be sure to check out infrastructures such as ClouJure.Org.

Remember that the main world of content is Video and all movie companies are looking for a solution, there is no need to look for another solution. Java Script can present you these worlds to the fullest.

As for #web3.0, the designs you set up on your networks are very important here, which will give us a whole new world of creating web3.0 p2p networks.

Millions of miners or institutions that will end mining with the #Ethereum #BlockChain 2.0 update are wondering what to do. Here you can work to uncover new services and designs.

We started #NFT synchronization work on our Clou CopyRight services.

ClouCopyright. We are working to provide these services to Multi-Platform users on Local and Cloud encoders.

Increase your experience and knowledge of Java Script, CSS for All Platforms.

Enhance your javascript experience on Frontend and Backend.

If you can’t make improvements in this direction in your current company, watch out for new Start Ups.

#Metaverse Universe — #web3.0 — Interactive Video — On #NFT and #BlockChain
I am trying to answer your questions and interactive information sharing as much as possible for Hybrid Broadcast Broadnad #HBBTV , #Mobile, #Web and all Multi and Cross Platforms.

I’ve decided to write about these topics on LinkedIn and Medium and inform more audiences.

Gürhan ŞEN
ClouPlay Co-Founder




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