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When you get a new watch, you may be curious about how is such a sophisticated instrument to be waterproof? Professional Luxury Watches Manufacturer can give you the answer.

The waterproof watch is divided into ordinary waterproof and professional waterproof. A normal waterproof watch can only prevent water splashing, while a professional waterproof watch can withstand immersion in water of different depths.

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There are several factors that make a watch waterproof. The most important is the gasket, or O-ring, which is made of rubber, nylon or Teflon. A waterproof seal is formed at the joint between the crystal glass, the bottom cover, and the crown and the case. If it is a chronograph, its pusher will also have a gasket. In addition, the waterproof case is lined with a sealing layer (coated with a rapidly hardening liquid) to prevent water seepage. The thickness and material of the case determine whether a watch can be worn underwater and is therefore an important factor. The use of a threaded tight bottom cover instead of a press-fit bottom cover also aids in waterproofing. Many diving watches use a threaded crown to prevent water from penetrating through the rotating holes. The crown is tightly sealed to form a watertight seal, just like the seal between a jar and a threaded cap.

(1) SWEAT-RESISTANT: It is very easy to understand, just to prevent sweat from running into the watch;

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(2) WATER-RESISTANT: It is okay to occasionally touch the water. For example, if you water the flowers and accidentally spray it on your hands, don't be nervous, pick it up and wipe it clean. No problem. In short, it is to prevent it. Occasional small splashes in life;

(3) 30 meters waterproof (30M, 3ATM, 3BAR): The watch has the word "30M" on the watch. This is the waterproof watch.

(4) 50m waterproof (50M, 5ATM, 5BAR): The watch with the word "50M" on the watch, that is, the 50m waterproof watch, is the waterproof watch in the mind of consumers. It can be used for swimming and general housekeeping waterproofing. Watch, remember not to adjust the watch in the water.

Diving watch (100 meters waterproof, 200 meters waterproof, 300 meters waterproof, etc.): It is a professional waterproof watch that can be used for underwater work such as swimming and diving.

In addition to its own design factors, improper use is the main culprit in the water intake of the watch. For example, after adjusting the time, the faucet is not tightened; the watch is prone to fogging under the condition of high temperature and low temperature; in addition, wearing a watch to take a bath, There may be no problems at first, and after a while, the watch will definitely have problems. When the watch encounters the problem of water ingress, it is best to send it to the watch store for the movement of the movement or the drying of the case by the professional master. It is best not to blow it dry by the hair dryer when the machine is not taken out. The move not only does not help, but it is easy to leave the evaporated moisture inside the movement. The problem will be more serious. Watches Manufacturers would like to remind friends who have this habit should pay attention to it. If you have any questions about watch, Swiss Watch Factory is always here for you.

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