What are the Shiny odds of Massive Mass Outbreaks in Pokémon Legends: Arceus?

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus has added a brand new encounter mechanic, Massive Mass Outbreaks, in the Dawn update that went live on Pokémon Day.

Massive Mass Outbreaks is an iteration of the game's pre-existing Massive Mass Outbreaks mechanic, a special event where certain kinds of Pokémon will appear more frequently over a certain period of time in a larger area of ​​Legend: Arceus.

The main difference between the two encounters is scale, as Massive Mass Outbreaks involves multiple outbreaks that occur simultaneously. They also abide by their own set of rules for the appearance of Pokémon. These events only start to spawn after you complete the game's main story.

Many Shiny Hunters in the Pokémon community are very happy, because Massive Mass Outbreaks is a pretty solid way to catch Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. And, while it might not work the way some fans want, we do already know the shiny odds of Massive Mass Outbreaks.

Massive Mass Outbreaks Shiny odds
Based on these changes, Massive Mass Outbreaks Shiny odds appear to be slightly different from the base Massive Mass Outbreaks, meaning they start with an average odds of 1 in 315.54 compared to the regular odds of 158.02 for a single Massive Mass Outbreaks, According to data discoverer Sibuna. We need Alpha Pokemon.

With all the multipliers available, like the Pokédex Species Research level and the Shiny Charm providing ways to increase the odds, you can still reduce Massive Mass Outbreaks to a Shiny chance of around 216.05. Here's a breakdown of these shiny odds:

Base Rate + Massive Mass Outbreaks

1/315.54 encounters

Pokémon Research Level 10 + Massive Mass Outbreaks

1/293.04 encounters

Pokémon Research Level 10 + Species Research Perfect + Massive Mass Outbreaks

1/256.47 encounters

Pokémon Research Level 10 + Shiny Charm + Massive Mass Outbreaks

1/241.41 encounters

Pokémon Research Level 10 + Species Research Perfect + Shiny Charm + Massive Mass Outbreaks

1/216.05 encounters

Essentially, raw numbers give you slightly worse odds of shining compared to normal Massive Mass Outbreaks. However, this is done on a per-outbreak basis, which means that due to the presence of double-digit outbreaks in Massive Mass Outbreaks, while a single Massive Mass Outbreaks has a statistically higher chance of finding a shiny, you may end up Still get better results.

If you're just on a Shiny hunt with Massive Mass Outbreaks, fly over each individually marked outbreak on the Braviary, or run through them on the Wyrdeer's back. This will trigger an outbreak and scroll your chance to a shiny spot with every outbreak you encounter. Doing this will give you the best chance of finding the shiny one in multiple outbreaks. You can buy pla Pokemon here. PKMBuy has Shiny PLA Pokemon for Sale.

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