TV, Podcast, and Radio Interviews Can Sell Books



Authors have always been popular interviews guests because their books provide the basis for interesting discussions. Therefore, getting media interviews continues to be a popular tactic among the various book promotion services. If you're an author, there are ways to maximize the value of your interview appearances by following a few simple steps. The list has been put together by veteran publicists and media trainers who have significant experience in the field. They have watched many writers go before the cameras and know which ones did the best and which ones did not.


Regardless of the interview format or medium, avoid over mentioning your book. Sounding overly promotional or giving too much of the hard sell seldom works. It can turn off the audience or the host and make for an unsuccessful interview. Customarily, interviewers will mention books at the start and finish, which is sufficient. Another one of the best practices is to tell relatable stores (not overly long) that the audience will enjoy. They make richer answers and are more memorable to those watching or listening. The goal is to win over the audience and make them read your book to find out more.


When you're interviewed on TV or for a video-sharing platform, look at the interviewer and don't stare directly into the camera. You also want to have some opening and closing thoughts in mind before you go into the interview. Before and after asking questions, many hosts allow authors to make brief remarks off the cuff. You'll want to say things appropriate to the moment, but they can be based on what you planned – which should in some way benefit your author brand or book. Be careful not to ramble and keep your answers to a reasonable length. It's easier for the audience to follow.


If you're asked a question for which you don't have an answer, don't panic or make something up. Being candid and authentic in the conversation with the interviewer allows you to be truthful about what you do and don't know. You'll rarely be stumped, but it may happen, especially if the show host veers off the expected topics. You can also mention places where the answer can be found. The point is to come across as helpful and knowledgeable. It's crucial to get across your key messages but don't interrupt the flow of the conversation. Let the host lead the interview and work them in when you can.



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