Why Does Author Promotion Help Sell Books?



Many world-leading book publicists remind authors that they're the ones being interviewed during book marketing campaigns and need to achieve a level of personal visibility. Author promotion is a vital element of publicizing books and gives authors the platform to write new ones in the future. In the U.S. alone, nearly a million books are published every year, and the competition for readers is legendary. The good news is that well-written books have a good chance of becoming successful with the right campaign. But there isn't much margin for error, and a strong author promotion effort always helps.

Perhaps there are romantic stories of tortured-artist-type novelists staying in the background while their book skyrockets to fame. Those are more a fairy tale than reality and writers today need to keep visible to their target readers and communicate with them. Having a website and a social media presence are pillars of modern author promotion, but it doesn't end there. Appearances in traditional media are helpful, as are guest blog posts, wiring bylines articles, and much more. When planned well, each will get your name and content in front of potentially interested readers. You can be sure other authors are employing similar tactics, and if you sit it out, you'll watch them move ahead as your book is overlooked.

Nearly everything is a brand in today's world, and authors are no exception. Branding refers to people's impressions about and understanding of something. For example, a mystery novelist is understood to be a writer in that area with a knack for spinning mysterious tales. Authors who've written personal finance books are regarded as experts in money and investing. Their books have given them the stature (brand), but other things they've done along the way to promote themselves have also contributed. It's why so many business people become writers for general personal publicity. It's an axiom that people are more interested in buying books written by authors they know. So, you want to become a writer on their lists.

Some authors who are natural extroverts and feel comfortable promoting themselves do it naturally. But most authors prefer a publicist who can handle personality cultivation – personal publicity. When you make an appearance in the media, perhaps an opportunity developed by your publicist, focus on relationship building. The goal is to be asked again and start to be a visible speaker in the media on your topic of expertise. The world is filled with pundits in every field, and when you become one, it brings you constant visibility that promotes you, your book, and your business. There is so much to be gained that matters.


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