Why am I not able to update AOL Mail on iPhone?

Why am I not able to update AOL Mail on iPhone?

In case you are using AOL mail on your iPhone and now it has started to give you technical glitches, then what you can do is get the AOL mail app updated on it. After the completion of the update process, you will be able to make sure that you are getting to use AOL in the best manner. However, if you are not able to update AOL Mail as well, then you are left with no choice but to get the problem resolved at the earliest.

Thus, if you are also facing a similar issue with your AOL Mail account, then you can follow the easy troubleshooting steps that are listed below. Try these solutions one by one and make sure that you have found the best solution for you. Move to the next solution only if the previous one did not work.

Ways to fix AOL Mail issues on iPhone

If you have been finding it difficult to use AOL Mail on your iPhone lately, then there are a few easy troubleshooting guidelines that you need to follow to get the issue fixed:

Hard restart the mail app

Exiting the AOL mail app on your device does not mean that it is completely closed. It might still run in the background and you may face trouble due to this. Thus, if you are also facing a similar issue on your iPhone, you should hard restart the app. To do this, you need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you will see some apps that were running in the background. Just swipe each app to the top and it will get closed completely.

Remove and re-add your AOL account

In order to remove and re-add your AOL account, you need to go to the Mail Settings from your iOS device, find AOL, and remove it. After removing it, you need to add it again.


If the problem does not resolve even after performing the given solutions, you need to ensure that your iPhone has been updated to its latest version. Sometimes, it's the fault of the program but with the device. So, ensure that you always install the device software updates whenever the update is rolled out.


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