CCTV Surveillance System in Hyderabad

Wine Yard Technologies is a leading distributor of CCTV surveillance systems. We have a wide selection available from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

CCTV Surveillance System
Security has been the highest priority concern for individual families, residential apartments, gated communities, business establishments. CCTV Surveillance Systems help in keeping a watch on movement of suspicious persons and intruders. Wine Yard Technologies is Hyderabad’s No.1 solution provider for all your CCTV Surveillance System needs. We offer the latest CCTV Surveillance Systems with internationally accredited, technologically advanced water proof night vision Cameras, Digital Video Recorders and Monitors. Each CCTV Surveillance System helps in detecting early signs of danger, and provides for visual proof of any security breaches.
We have a wide range of CCTV Surveillance System that offer complete security to your premises with advanced features, robust footage back-up facilities with cloud storage and quick servicing support.


Analog HO CCTV Surveillance System:
Rely on us for your House / apartment / Villa / Showroom surveillance solution. We have a wide range of water proof — night vision cameras to cater your security needs. Easy to use mobile app for monitoring your site from remote place. HO DVR from 4 channel to 32 channel capacity with cloud storage option to protect your footage.


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