HR-Department: Defenders of an Organisation

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HR managers or HR Department has many aliases like- People Operation Managers, Vibe Managers, Chief Happiness Manager, VP of People(source: Culture amp) and so on. But the best suitable title of the HR Department is the “Defenders” of the organization.


The Department of Human Resource is actually in-charge of employee relations, benefits, training, stability, and frequently goes up the role of hiring for their organization. But their role does not end there, they are responsible for protecting the organization from the “bad hires” as well.


To go further we need to understand the concept of bad hires in an organization. There are some key signs which indicate that the employee you hired is a “bad hires” like:


  • If the employee is not giving the proper quality work results
  • They have a bad attitude or a negative outlook towards the work
  • They have negative attitude towards their coworkers and seniors or the most important one is that they do not have the necessary skills as they claimed to have These are the sort of traits which are shown in a bad hire.


Now when we have an understanding of what a bad hire is we can give the proper credit to the Defenders( HR department) of saving the organization from such employees. Whenever an organization undergoes the hiring process, the main goal of the HR department is to hire quality employees who can benefit the organization as well as have the zeal to improve themselves.

To get a better understanding of the candidates while interviewing them or while screening their resumes recruiters take the help of technologies like a recruiting software. These recruiting software help them get an analysis of a candidate without even meeting them by making the candidates take an assessment exam.

And with the results collected from the exam combined with the years of experience and deep understanding, the Defenders make their decisions.

Modern-day HR has the very powerful artillery to defend their fort(organization they work for). Their teams are strategic and data-driven, and also focuses on the subjective criteria like employee wellbeing.

Business theorists have stopped saying that HR departments need “a seat at the table,” because the role they provide makes it an established fact. We can even say that if employees truly are an organization's most valuable resource, it's okay to also say that it is an HR professional’s role to nurture and sustain that asset.

Whatever the difficulties the Defenders face, they work responsibly to use different means and motivations to drive the employees to become better at what they do and to take the organization further in the world. Hire Recruitment Agency Singapore.




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