Is Coinbase Wallet trustworthy? Let’s find out

We are talking about Coinbase Wallet Extension || Pro Coinbase here.

Is Coinbase Wallet trustworthy? Let’s find out

Your arrival here at this page gives an idea about your interest in crypto investment. Maybe you are a beginner or eager to invest in this world and are currently using your time effectively in grabbing knowledge relating to cryptocurrency.

Before you start trading in this market there are several aspects that you should be aware of. One such way of holding and managing funds is through the crypto wallet.

Here, we will be discussing an exceptional crypto wallet that serves excellent service to its holders and is unarguably the most trusted and well-reputed name in the crypto market. We are talking about Coinbase Wallet Extension here.

Role of wallet

Wallets are the way of organizing the funds, making trade, and so on. When we talk about storing funds, the very first question that hits our mind is its security aspects. For instance, if you are going to deposit or store your money in a bank and are looking to open an account then you can look at its financial stability, security, and performance over a long period of time.

Primary security key takeaways of Coinbase Wallet

The team of this wallet has made great efforts to build security standards for its users. The components that are covered for safeguarding the holder’s wallet are as under:

  • Private keys: When you want to login into the wallet account, you’ll be asked to input the private keys to ensure that only the true owner of the wallet is trying to access the account. Moreover, it is a non-custodial wallet which means that these private keys are known to the owner of the wallet only, and not even Coinbase knows about your keys and hence cannot access it.
  • 2 FA: Another layer in the security of this Wallet is the 2FA, which means only after the verification of the person signing into the account, you will be able to proceed ahead with it.


With the above write-up, we can easily conclude that Pro Coinbase Wallet with the added layers of security is a trustworthy wallet. There are no security compromises that come into the light relating to this wallet. You can undoubtedly make a smart move with this wallet.


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