Organizing Your Compare And Contrast Essays The Right Way Guide-2022

Comparing and contrasting things is a common thing we usually do. But students and writers often face problems while writing compare and contrast essays.

Comparing and contrasting things is a common thing we usually do. But students and writers often face problems while writing compare and contrast essays. They often complain that while writing the essay and while comparing and contrasting things in the essay their essay loses organization. They receive feedback or remarks such as the poor organization of the essay. 


While writing a compare and contrast essay it usually happens because the writer or student keeps his/her focus in compare and contrasting things and comparatively less attention is paid to the organization of the essay. Generally, a compare and contrast essay highlights the similarities and differences that exist between two items or things. A number of items or things such as books, theories, events, etc can be compared using this essay type.


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Based on the main point or let’s say characteristics these things or items are compared with each other and similarities and differences are found. For example, if you are comparing and contrasting two cell phone models. The similarities and differences will be found on the basis of some features or characteristics they possess. Such as both cell phone models are similar because both of them possess dual cameras. 


I have seen students who never write their essays. Even when I was unable to write essays I used to make friends and fellows write essays for me. Writing compare and contrast essays is very easy and simple, the writer or student just needs to remember some basic points and have to follow some steps to write their essay effectively. The main points to remember while writing compare and contrast essays are: make sure you have selected a single feature or characteristic for comparing or contrasting items, use simple and easy language to help your reader understand each and everything, avoid explaining unnecessary things, stick to your main idea of the essay, make sure your essay is properly structured and is properly organized. 


Two ways of organizing your compare and contrast essays


An essay comparing and contrasting different things can be organized in the right way using two ways or methods. These ways or methods not only help students or writers organize their essays in the right way but also help them to compare and contrast different things properly and step by step. This helps them compare things carefully and without any errors. The two ways or methods of organizing compare and contrast essays are mentioned below:



Point-by-point method: This method as the name implies compares and contrasts things point by point. First, the similarities and differences of the first point are discussed. After completing point 1 the similarities and differences of point 2 are discussed. This method is easy for the writers while writing as it discusses point 1 first and then moves to point 2. That is the writer will not mix up the two points as both are discussed separately. 


Block method: This method at first mentions the similarities of both points 1 and 2, after completing the similarities the writer moves towards the differences. That is he/she then discusses the differences between points 1 and 2. In this method at first similarities of all items or points are discussed then the differences are highlighted. Students often mix up the similarities and differences between two items, to cater to their issue this method is initiated. It discusses both similarities and differences separately. 



These were the two methods that will help students organize their compare and contrast essays in the right way and without putting in any additional effort. However, students can take help from online services like an essay writing service or their instructors while organizing their essays. With time and practice, they will learn to write effective essays. 


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