What Are WordPress Block Patterns? How Do They Enhance The Design Of Your Website?

Given here is a brief about what block patterns are in WordPress. We also expand upon what the key elements are of this feature that helps the design of your website.

One of the biggest strengths of WordPress is its ability to deconstruct itself as a tool. This means that developers can pick and choose certain design elements they want to edit or customize without that affecting the whole website design. This convenient editing has taken WordPress designing to a whole new level.

A big part of it is the block pattern. It not only involves the most definitive design elements of a website, it also gives you tremendous freedom to maximize the look and feel of those elements. Patterns are one of the very first few things that designers decide to address. With a hint of innovation and outlining the brand identity right into it, you can make your own pattern that stands out. 

What Are Patterns In WordPress?

Patterns or Block Patterns are a set of blocks that lie around different parts of your website. You can edit these blocks and customize it with your content or data and put them where you need them. With curated designs and combinations, you can use these blocks to make an exciting looking professional website.

These patterns are displayed as collections in the editor. You can choose from a variety of patterns from a relevant collection. Patterns like About, Blog, Coming Soon are very much popular among developers offering WordPress website development services. The images that come with these patterns from different collections are free to use on your website. 

How to Make the Most of the Patterns?

It is very easy to use patterns in an editor. Simple steps to add patterns include hitting the “+” sign on the editor and selecting the tab Pattern. A collection of patterns will appear below and you can choose what you want to add. These patterns are added frequently. The existing ones also keep getting regular updates. 

Here are some of the most popular ways to maximize the Pattern feature on WordPress:


Biography of any organization is a very important piece of information. This can be a little boring if not done right. The Bio patterns on WordPress give your information a brand new exciting look that attracts people to watch and read the content you have put.

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It also includes cool social media logos that are linked directly to your social media pages. All of this as a pattern looks very intuitive. 

Headers and Footers

Headers and footers act as a constant design element throughout your entire website. These are basically horizontal blocks on top of and at the bottom of every page on your website. The brand logo is common in both the header and the footer. Both header and footer contain the links to all the pages on your website with both having different layouts for those options. 

Everything from the fonts, alignment, positioning, size, shape and color can be completely customized the way you want it to be. The beauty of these patterns is that they ideate what you might be looking for in a design and then they let you shape it.

Latest from Blog

Blogs are a very important tool to gain maximum traffic and engagement on your website. Be it any business or services, people write about relevant subjects almost on a daily basis. These posts are made regularly and based on the relevant searches on the internet, they show up as search results. This is a proven way to get traffic on your website.

The blog patterns are usually somewhere in the middle or at the bottom of a page. If your website is a blog itself then your pages will be filled with patterns like these. For any other business or services, the blog section is put in the middle and highlighted with the latest content. These posts show up as brief heading, subtitle and may be a thumbnail of the picture you may have used in the post. 

Our Services

Usually the header, hero banner and the footer would most probably highlight the main services or products of a company on its website. Although this is the conventional way to showcase the services, modern day websites describe the services more eloquently. 

This block pattern helps you describe your services in a synchronized manner. A subtle “Read More” button can navigate the website to the specific service page. The images as thumbnails depict the services and the heading pretty much explains the whole part. Note that all of this can be completely customized. 


WordPress offers limitless designing opportunities. What makes it the best is the ability to customize even those elements that come pre-designed. This gives a lot of freedom to the designers who build custom brand identity for businesses. The pattern feature from WordPress is one of many ways to build custom identity for your websites.

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