Urgent Walk-in Care - Urgent Care San Bernardino

West Point Medical Center is offering Telemedicine and Drive up COVID 19 Testing at all of our urgent care loctaions.

If you're going through any kind of injury or illness and are unable to get through to your doctor, you can turn to West Point Medical Center's several urgent care options to get the proper medical attention as quickly as possible. 

We have urgent care centers in Fontana, San Bernardino, and Rancho Cucamonga. You can be doctors on duty for extended hours at our urgent care centers during the weekdays as well as on the weekends. They are fully equipped to provide minor procedures, imaging services, and bloodwork. 

We also have urgent care video consultations. You can easily have a video chat with an Urgent care San Bernardino care provider, whether you're at home, work, or traveling. 

When do you Need Urgent Care?

Have you ever found yourself in a state of immediate medical attention but can't reach your regular physician? Or is your condition not as severe as to call for emergency services but dreadful enough to require urgent medical attention?

That's where Urgent Care Centers step in. They cater to your health or medical issues that are not life-threatening but require immediate attention. The most common health issues are flu, low-grade fever, allergic reaction, small cuts and burns, and similar health issues.

The common conditions that can be treated by our urgent care San Bernardino doctor are:

Cold and Flu;

Sore Throat;

Cough, Bronchitis, Pneumonia;


Urinary Tract Infections;

Back Pain;


Nausea, Abdominal Pain, Diarrhea, Dehydration;

Cuts and Broken Bones; and

Sport Injuries

For serious medical emergencies such as difficulty in breathing, bleeding, strokes, etc., please visit your nearest emergency care center or call 911. 

Contact us at (909) 880-6400 for your urgent health requirements