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Customized Trust Wallet clone script is created by the best trust wallet clone app development company. Coinjoker’s trust wallet clone software is built by Ethereum wallet to store your favorite BEP2, ERC20, and ERC721, tokens.

Trust Wallet Clone:

Trust Wallet clone is a mobile wallet app that allows you to send, receive and store a wide range of cryptocurrencies. The Trust Wallet clone is built on-chain wallet on Ethereum, where user private keys are decentralized, i.e, stored on their own device. In a trust wallet clone, the private key is an important security feature, which includes a backup facility for simple recovery. 


Trust wallet clone app:

The Trust Wallet Clone App is a ready-to-launch cryptocurrency wallet app created using cutting-edge blockchain technology that functions similarly to Trust wallet. Coinjoker's Trustwallet Clone App has been customized for both mobile apps and desktop applications by integrating more virtual currencies and digital assets for your crypto traders to fully appreciate the seamless transaction experience.


Trust Wallet Script

Trustwallet clone script is a ready-made feature-rich cryptocurrency wallet script that helps to launch your unassailable crypto wallet app like trust wallet. It supports users to buy, swap, collect and store cryptocurrencies and NFTs.


Fee Structure of Trust Wallet Clone App:

The Trust wallet clone software offers a number of ways for you to exchange or trade your tokens. Trust Wallet Clone App has boldly stated that there are no fees associated with using its services. However, you must pay "gas" in order to complete a transaction on the Ethereum network. The Ethereum miners that validate the transaction receive the gas fee. This implies that no portion of your transaction costs go to the Trust wallet.


Advantages of Trustwallet Clone App:

  • Free download
  • Simple and convenient to use
  • Swap or trade assets in the app in seconds
  • Track charts and prices of coins and tokens
  • Stay private secure storing your privacy coins
  • Retain control of your private keys
  • Earn crypto while holding by staking
  • Allows staking and earning returns on held crypto-assets
  • Available for both iOS and Android devices
  • You can on Bitcoin in 5 minutes
  • Keep your crypto safe from hackers scammers
  • Buy more crypto with your credit card


Features of Trust wallet clone App:

  • Private Secure
  • Unlimited cryptos Tokens
  • Instant Exchange
  • Track Charts Prices
  • View transaction history
  • Access to Cold Wallet
  • Support for NFT DeFi
  • Multi-language support
  • Auto denial


Why it is necessary to have a Cryptocurrency wallet like Trustwallet?

  • Anonymity
  • Security
  • Private key
  • Seed phrase back up
  • FaceID and TouchID for extra protection
  • Open-source
  • Backup facility
  • Decentralized
  • Hold and earn
  • Buy and trade crypto


Trust Wallet Clone Script Supported Coins:

The Trust Wallet Clone Script is a multi-asset cryptocurrency wallet script that supports more than 40 blockchains and hundreds of thousands of tokens. It’s so much easier to keep track of your holdings when they are all in one easily accessible place.

The TrustWallet supports 160k+ assets, some of which are

  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • TRON (TRX)
  • Cosmos (ATOM)
  • Tezos (XTZ)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Nano (NANO)
  • Aion (AION)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC) and all ERC20 and ERC223 tokens
  • VeChain (VEN)


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Where to build a trust wallet clone app development?

Coinjoker is the leading Cryptocurrency Wallet development Company that provides you with top-notch blockchain wallet development services to build your own crypto wallet-like trust wallet. Our Trust Wallet Clone Script can be modified based on your business needs with the addition of further features. We work with you to create a more secure wallet that uses two keys—public and private—to keep the transaction history.

By adding passwords like Touch ID and Face ID, your trust wallet clone is given an additional layer of security that helps shield it from scammers. Create your own Trust Wallet clone app and allow users to keep their digital assets in the most secure cryptocurrency application worldwide. Looking to develop your own trust wallet clone app right away? Connect with our experts at Coinjoker and get started on your crypto wallet right away.

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