How to improve the security standards to login to

You need to go that extra mile to make things work in your favor.
Dos to keep in mind for improved account security 

Are you afraid of losing the essential information about your account on Are you worried
about whether or not the funds or the private keys that are there in your wallet are safe? If that is the
case and you seriously wish to know the answer to this question, then you should take a look at the do's
and don'ts of the security practices that we are going to explain in the section to follow. These tips
should be followed as and when you try to login to
As you already know that is a reputed crypto trading platform, it takes enough security
measures at its end to shield your account. However, it is also the responsibility of an individual to take
part in achieving his account security. Some users think that creating a strong login
password is enough for account protection, but that's not the case.
You need to go that extra mile to make things work in your favor.
Dos to keep in mind for improved account security 

When you decide to login to, the first thing that you need to bear in mind is that you only
use the official platform to log in. For this purpose, you can go to the login site and
access your account. But that's not enough. So, here we are with some additional steps you can take to
make your account extra secure.
 Use a different email address to create an account 
If you are using a single email address on all your platforms, reaching you becomes quite easy. However,
if you use a unique email address, especially for creating an account on the exchange, then
you can surely improve your account security.
 Enable 2FA (if you haven't done that previously) 
Apart from setting up a strong log in password, you should also enable two-factor
authentication on your account. This can be done by navigating to the "Security" settings menu.
 Set up the anti-phishing code 

By enabling this feature, you will view a code whenever you receive an email from the
platform. If you do not view the same code in an email, then it could be a fraud email.
 Improve your device security 
Device security plays an important role when it comes to improving the security of the programs or
services you use on your device. So, make sure that your devices are password-protected so that
nobody could login to account through your device.
 Keep the apps updated 
If you are signing into your account through the app and not through the login site,
then you are suggested to keep your app updated as the app update comes with bug fixes
and other necessary features.
Don'ts for a secure login 
After learning some dos to improve the security of your account, you also need to make sure
that you know what you do not need to do. Here are some tips that you need to bear in your mind:
 Don't disable the security features 
The device manufacturers provide users with ample opportunities to enable security features. Hence,
one should not jailbreak or root his device because if you do so, then you are inviting unwanted guests
to use your phone. To safely login to, you must keep this thing in mind.
 Do not share your log in details 
You are supposed to be the sole owner of your account. Hence, sharing the sign-in credentials of your account is a big "No."
Concluding thoughts:
Whenever you login to and make transactions through it, make sure that nobody is around
you or watching you take this action. This is a security risk to your account and you should ensure the

safety of your account and consider as your first priority. An account with weak protective measures is
prone to get hacked. So, bear in mind the details that I have furnished


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