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 information with an entire group of contacts all at the same time.

 information with an entire group of contacts all at the same time.

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 NOTE: You may also share with the Contact Group. Once you share the report to that group the group will be able to create a Share Record is created on each individual's profile.

 Contact record. This is a fantastic way to communicate seamlessly with certain groups of contacts, such as the top lending institutions, donors, or local residents.


 Maintaining on top of and keeping track with this information not only helps you stay organized, it also allows you to find the information you need.

 your existing donor base feeling valued and involved. This will help you to raise more money!


How to make use of Artwork Archive's CRM system to make your work easier:

 Artwork Archive's integrated CRM tool allows you to efficiently manage and manage contacts. This ensures that nothing remains unnoticed. A

 CRM can reduce the amount of friction and stress. CRM lets you save time and reduce anxiety by having all of your contact details in one location.

 Here are some instances of Artwork Archive's CRM that make administration aggravation-free:

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 Automate tasks

 Reduce your time working on your computer. By using our import of contacts, upload your contact list from Artwork Archive. Set reminders

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