Developer Visual Concepts has decided to return to the shot stick

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The most significant changes made this year include the addition of MT 2K22 animations to offence as well as defence. Models now move with greater ease and appear less sloppy, particularly when they come into physical contact on other teammates.

The impact force isn't gone completely, but players can now slide through each other more effectively. A lot of times, I've been caught in the cross-hairs of an opponent's leg when crossing them over, disrupting my speed in the process. Don't do it anymore. A godsend.

On the offensive, the most significant modification is the stamina bar and shot stick, which are now working hand-in-hand. I'm sure a lot of fans hear this and rejoice. Developer Visual Concepts has decided to return to the shot stick. The divisive 'Pro Stick' is gone. Shooting remains as you know it, although now players are required to release the ball within a specific window towards the highest point of the metre.

Your stamina bar will instantly show the size of your release window. Messing around too much at the top of the key will exhaust your stamina therefore make sure you plan your moves and pull up accordingly for the best chance. The window could also broaden and shrink depending on the type of shot and preference of shooter.

If an open Steph Curry will drain that three, we would not recommend playing with Shaq. Ever. To keep this in mind, and given these two aspects are so interconnected the game of basketball as a team is encouraged in NBA 2K22 best MT sites order to share the burden. This is especially crucial especially in the latter stages during a game when tired players could be substituted back in.


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