The car The car is one of the most important means

The car The car is one of the most important means

Japanese car types
The car The car is one of the most important means of transportation designed for the streets.

alternative energy. Cars come in many shapes, types and colors, so there are no fixed formal dimensions for them. Cars consist of 20,000-30,000 parts; Such as battery, wires, pumps, and filters

, tires, lights, air conditioners, glass, sensors, and other parts.[1] The first appearance of the car dates back to the middle of the eighteenth century AD; Where cars were running on steam at the time,[2] the process of developing the car continued until 1885 AD in Germany, where the first modern car with an internal combustion engine running on gasoline appeared by German Karl Benz; Strongly

An engine of 0.75 hp and a capacity of 958 cm³,[3] hence the industrial countries began racing to produce their own cars, and among these countries was Japan, which became the second car manufacturer in the world after China with a production volume of nearly seven million cars in 2011. [4] Japanese production of cars The automotive industry in Japan is one of the most important industries on which the Japanese economy depends, and Japan was ranked as one of the top three countries in the field of car manufacturing in the 1960s,[5] and contributed to approximately 11.9% of Global production of cars in 2011. [4] Japan turned to the manufacture of electric cars after World War II due to

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severe fuel shortage; Where the number of electric cars manufactured in 1949 AD was approximately 3300 cars, then the internal combustion engine cars soon returned, until the sixties of the last century, and then began to move to electric cars due to the problems of environmental pollution resulting from burning gasoline and diesel.[6] A variety of manufactured electric cars, which began using hydride batteries

The metal nickel that was able to walk a distance of about 200 km in a single charge, in addition to the lithium-ion batteries that were used later. Japan has been able to manufacture hybrid cars (in English: Hybrid Cars), which depend on the presence of two engines; One is electric, and the other is an internal combustion engine. These cars were distinguished by their ability to efficiently exploit fuel, and reduce

Gas emissions that are very harmful to the environment. In the twenty-first century, Japan was able to manufacture fuel cell cars that rely on reaction

The chemical between hydrogen and oxygen in the air. [6] Types of Japanese cars The most famous types of Japanese cars There are many cars made in Japan that were characterized by their high specifications,

And its preference over many cars, and the following are the types of Japanese cars that are famous in the world according to the name of the manufacturer: [7] Toyota, Toyota was founded in 1937 AD by Kashiro Toyoda, and is the best car manufacturer in Japan and in the world; It produces ten million cars per year, and Toyota was distinguished by its production of hybrid cars, and the Toyota Prius hybrid is the best-selling hybrid car at the present time. In addition, the Toyota Corolla was considered the best-selling car in 2016, with the total number of cars

In that year, approximately 634,298 cars were sold.[8] Nissan Nissan was established in 1933 as a branch of the Datsun Company, to form one company later under the name Nissan. prepare a company

Nissan is the second largest Japanese car manufacturer, and its cars are distinguished by their strength and low sound,[9] and this company was distinguished by its production of the Nissan Leaf electric car, which won the title of the world car for the year 2011. Nissan produces 5 million cars annually, and Nissan currently owns the Infiniti Automobile Plant and the Datsun. Honda, Honda is one of the leading companies in the

Cars and motorcycles, which was founded in 1948 as a motorcycle manufacturer, and was able to produce its first car in 1963, a type S500, and the Honda Civic was the best-selling car in the years 1972 and 1986, and Honda manufactured environmentally friendly cars, and used hybrid engine systems. in her cars. Not long after the successes of Honda Corporation, Acura Corporation was established as a branch of it for the luxury car industry. 10] and ranks among the top ten car manufacturers in the world. Mazda Mazda was established in the year 1920 AD, and was able to manufacture its first car in 1960 AD, the type R360. Currently, Mazda cars are ranked sixth in terms of the number of breakdowns, and second in terms of the cost of their breakdowns. It made its first car in 1954 AD

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