The Need for Server Merges
The Need for Server Merges Mar 12

The Need for Server Merges

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The Need for Server Merges

The decision to implement server merges in Throne and Liberty KR stems from a strategic approach to adapt to the evolving player dynamics. With 18 servers set to be condensed down to just seven, NCSoft aims to consolidate the player base, ensuring that each server maintains a robust population. This move is a response to the natural decline in player numbers after the initial launch rush, a phenomenon common in the lifecycle of MMORPGs.

Reducing wait times during group-finding sessions is a significant motivation for the server merges. A thriving online world relies on dynamic player interactions, and by consolidating servers, NCSoft aims to provide a more seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. Additionally, guilds are set to benefit from the larger recruitment pool, facilitating the growth and sustainability of in-game communities.

Resetting PvP Ranks and Individual Server Economies

While the server merges bring about positive changes, certain aspects of the game will undergo a reset. PvP ranks, individual server economies, Boonstones, Riftstones earned, activity ranking scores, guild member contributions, and favorited items will all be reset as part of the consolidation process. This decision aims to level the playing field, ensuring that all players on the newly merged servers start with a fresh slate.

Resetting PvP ranks introduces a fairer competitive landscape, allowing players to re-establish themselves in the rankings on the consolidated servers. The reset of individual server economies, including Boonstones and Riftstones earned, addresses any potential imbalances that may have arisen during the initial phase of the game, fostering a more equitable economic environment. If you want to buy MMoexp Throne and Liberty Lucent please visit

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