If you like the Persona series, here are 5 independent games to try.
The Persona series is known for putting together a lot of different game elements into one big JRPG story, and some indie games do the same thing.

Characters in Persona 5.
The Persona series is a JRPG with a lot of different parts, like school life, palace dungeons, relationships, calendar days, and a story about mementos and personas that are connected to people's hearts. The series is unique because it has so many things going on at once, but games like Tokyo Xanadu and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #fe Encore are similar.

But there aren't many indie games like Persona, and the ones that are similar tend to focus on one or two parts of the game rather than trying to do everything at once. There are many ways to describe independent games. They can be made by a small team, with a small budget, by a single person, by an independent publisher, by a studio that isn't influenced by a publisher, or with "indie logic" that is different from the standards for AAA games. The following names use a lot of these definitions.


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