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Dhania And Haldi Powder

Haldi is a characteristic asset. Turmeric, a rhizomatous yield develops to around 1 m tall and bears white to mild yellow bloom spikes. The yellow tubers are the wellspring of the sharp zest. It's miles an erect, lasting spice evolved as a every year harvest. India, Bangladesh, Taiwan and china are considerable turmeric creating nations.

India is one of the main cultivators, with round 79,300 ha below this yield, growing 1,43,900 heaps for every annum.Dry haldi powder.
It is evolved in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, west Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. There are kinds of turmeric created in focal India. One has strong and dim range and the other long, delicate and light tone. 'kum', well-known with each residence partner, is likewise a facet-impact of turmeric.

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