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Something interesting happened yesterday at the SEA sports races.

A Cambodian female racer reached the finish line almost 6 minutes after the first.

However, she became much more famous than the first First, people praised her on social media. Then Time magazine reported on the public applause he received.

Why would someone who finishes 6 minutes late normally be honored when they would be teased? What button inside people did he touch?

Athlete Bou Samnang, knowing he was the last one, rushed to the last line, despite the sudden heavy rain, to "finish what he started".
The important thing was not to win, because the winner had finished 6 minutes ago. Despite this, he ran just to "finish what he started", not to give up, not to give up, to reach the last line.
He ran to avoid being defeated by himself, he was now competing with himself, not his opponent.
He ran like twine despite the rain.
He ran even though the race was over 6 minutes ago.

He ran despite his tired knees.
He ran, risking ridicule.
She was a "despite" she.

He ran because he cared about the honor of finishing the job he started as much as the prestige of being first.
He ran because he didn't like to be left halfway.
He ran for his identity, not the award.

And people saw this virtuous and determined attitude in him. And honored his perseverance.

Even though he was the last, they saw it as "doing his best" to struggle with himself to finish what he started.

They declared him the "champion of hearts".
They glorified it so much that it became famous from the first

He won with his first ability,
Bou Samnang won wholeheartedly. ?

Every person who does their best and pushes their limits to the limit deserves to be honored regardless of the result.

There are enough good people in the world to see that.
Be one of them.