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Turquoise- one of the first mined gemstones in history

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• Turquoise is the only gemstone on which a color is named, you heard it right. Turquoise color named after this beautiful gemstone.

• It is the birthstone for those who share their birth month as December as well as symbolizes the 11th wedding anniversary.

• This gorgeous stone is found in different shades of blue-green color.

• The finest quality of turquoise is found in Iran while the major source of it is located in the United States.

• In Tibet, people consider it a talisman of good fortune, in Native America it is a sacred stone and Europeans believe turquoise connects us to the higher consciousness.

• Turquoise Ring is the national gem of Tibet, Tibetans value it and it is a highly prized gemstone there, especially the greenish turquoise.

• Measured 6 on the Moh scale, turquoise is comparatively a soft and fragile gemstone that demands extra care.