Which documents do I need for Coinbase account verification?

Do you want to know which documents can you use to verify your identity on Coinbase? Get the complete list of accepted as well as non-accepted IDs here.

To comply with financial regulations, Coinbase requires verifying the identity of each user so that nobody has to pay for the scams carried out by others. Also, someone who has a verified account on Coinbase is eligible to get the most benefits out of their accounts. Therefore, to become a verified user, you need to make sure that you verify your identity as soon as you sign up for your Coinbase login credentials. Since Coinbase is highly concerned with prohibiting any fraud from their platform, therefore, it won't allow any user, who is not above 18 or is restricted by law, to access its services.

As we all know that Coinbase is a highly trusted platform and a lot of people are putting their trust in it, therefore, it makes sure that only trustworthy users should use this platform. Apart from the reasons that I have mentioned here, there could be several other reasons due to which Coinbase asks users to get their identity verified.

How does Coinbase use the info shared by you?

Like many other exchanges, this platform also uses your information to provide you with the services that are available on their portal. Once you share your information, the platform keeps your information in its records in case it is needed ever again. However, at the same time, it guarantees that your information is highly secured with them and it is not shared with anyone, at any cost or under any circumstances. Therefore, if you ever share your information on the Coinbase.com login portal, then it is completely safe and you must not worry about its security.

So, next up, let us now have a look at the list of documents that you must use on this exchange to verify your identity.

Documents needed for identity verification

  •         If you are a resident of the United States, then you may use identity proofs such as an identification card that is issued to you by State or your Driver License.
  •         In case you are a non-US resident and wish to use Coinbase, then you can use your passport, photo ID that has been issued by the government, or you can use your National Identity Card as well.


Concerning the identity proofs that you cannot use to verify your identity on the Coinbase login portal, we can say that one cannot use his passport, the United States Resident's Card, Medical IDs, Read More about: Coinbase Login|Coinbase Login|Coinbase Login|Metamask Login|Metamask Login|MetamaskWalletLogin|Metamask-Wallet-Login|Crypto.com-Login|Crypto.com Login|GeminiLogin|KuCoin-Login|KuCoin-Login||Crypto.com-Exchange|Crypto.com Exchange|Blockfilogin|Crypto.comLogin|MetamaskLogin|Crypto.comLogin|Metamask Login|Crypto.com Login

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