Connecting a payment method to a Coinbase account

Once you have landed in your Coinbase login account and you want to start purchasing cryptos, then you can follow the steps given below to link a new payment method:

Open the Coinbase application on your device

Before you can begin, make sure you have logged in to your Coinbase account

After this, you need to click on the "Settings" menu

Followed by this, you need to select the "Transfer coins from Coinbase" option

Next up, you need to tap on the "Buy crypto" option

After this, select the coin that you'd like to purchase

Enter the preferred amount and select the "Add a payment" method

Complete some more prompts to finally connect your bank with Coinbase

This way you can easily connect a new bank account to your Coinbase login account.

How to add a new payment method on Coinbase?


Coinbase has been extremely useful in letting people trade with their preferred cryptocurrency without having to face any hurdles. Whether you are a professional crypto trader or you have just kick-started your journey in this field, Coinbase has got every crypto trader covered. Being one of the renowned crypto exchanges, this trading platform helps users with providing a lot of beneficial trading options as well as allowing them to change the necessary information in their Coinbase pro login accounts.

Similarly, if you are a new user on Coinbase and you haven't already added a payment method, then you can add a new payment whenever you wish to do that. So, the article below will explain to you how you can add a payment method or link a new bank account to your Coinbase account.




From the same menu, you can edit or update your bank account details and make sure that you are using the active/currently working payment methods to purchase new cryptos from your account. In case you find any difficulty while doing so, move to the help section from your Coinbase login account and take the necessary actions to get help for the same. 

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