The MetaMask gateway for a better and improved crypto-time

This informative read has been focused on MetaMask, one of the most appreciated crypto wallets along with detailed procedures to set it up for you.

The MetaMask gateway for a better and improved crypto-time

Well, you can tell by the subject that this following read is all about cryptocurrency and one of the most appreciated and used wallet services in the world, which is the MetaMask Wallet. So let’s not delay this information ride and walk you through the goodness that MetaMask is.

It is an online wallet service (a web browser extension) with a much-uncomplicated user interface that caters to the needs of crypto fanatics to store and protect their crypto wealth along with offering a facile and effective route to making trade transactions (Ethereum and Ether-based tokens).

It is important to know that this wallet service does not have any exchange portal of its own. However, it has been associated with two of the most renowned exchanges to provide trading and investment services- ShapeShift and Coinbase.

Let us walk you through the 3-part procedure for setting up your MetaMask Wallet including installation, account creation and making deposits.

Get the MetaMask extension set up on Chrome

This part of the read has been prepared to help you with setting up your MetaMask wallet with the 3-part step-wise procedure:

Installing the wallet extension

  1. Get into the MetaMask online site.
  2. Spot and tap on “Get Chrome Extension”.
  3. Head for “Add to Chrome”.
  4. Place your hit on “Add Extension”.

Creating your MetaMask Portal

  1. Complete the installation procedure first.
  2. Post-installation, launch the service icon.
  3. Hit on the option saying “Try it now”.
  4. Move with “Continue” and set up a password.
  5. Hit “Create” and “Next” to accept the terms.
  6. When prompted, hit “Reveal Secret Words”.
  7. Get the seed words verified and finish.

Note: Make sure you keep these seed words safe in an offline location.

Depositing funds into MetaMask

  1. Begin by visiting the BTSE Wallet website.
  2. Choose any ERC20 supported currency.
  3. Spot and hit on the “Deposit” option link.
  4. On the next window, choose “MetaMask”.
  5. Now, on your wallet page, hit “Deposit”.
  6. “Confirm” and wait for the confirmation.


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to help you with understanding metamask chrome extension, which is, at present, known as the best and the most reliable crypto wallet (browser extension) for Ethereum and all ERC20 tokens.

It takes care of all user crypto wealth along with granting them an effective path to ShapeShift and Coinbase for trading and investments. Reading through, you’ll find a 3-part procedure that guides you to set up your wallet account- installation, wallet creation, and depositing funds.

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