How To Install A Shower Head


Are you looking to turn your basic shower head into something more magical? Normal shower heads leave little to the imagination. They have no massage function, and most just have one set, and you just deal with it. If you're unhappy with how your shower head is performing, you've likely looked into replacing it. But what would be the best fit for your home, and should you install it? The good news is that installing a shower head isn't the hardest plumbing test out there. In fact, it's one of the most straightforward you can do. With little mechanical skills, you can accomplish this mission in as little as an hour. Let's take a look at a small how-to on replacing an older shower head.


Turn Off Water


We cannot stress enough the importance of turning off your water. Most showers will have a shut-off valve that you can turn off that will stop water from flowing into the bathtub. If you can't find the bathroom shut-off valve, you may have to turn off the water for your entire home. Most bathrooms have easy-to-access shut-off valves, but if you don't know where it's located, your best bet is to just turn off all the water for the time being. Remember to tell people in your household that you are doing this.


Remove Old Shower Head


Be prepared to use some muscle, especially if your shower head is older. You'll need a pipe wrench to unscrew the older shower head. Give it a good turn and get it loose. From there, it should come off pretty easily.


Remember To Seal For Installation


After the old shower head is off, you'll need to clean the pipe coming out of the shower head. This could include removing the older plumbers' tape that is left behind. After that is clean, you'll want to apply new plumbers tape so that you can seal the area and be leak-free when installing the new shower head. Most products come with a little bit of plumbers tape so that you don't have to buy your own. But if it isn't included in the package, you'll need to purchase plumbers tape for the installation.


Put New One On


If you're having difficulty putting the shower head on, plumbers wellington can make it a breeze. It is a simple test that they can do in a matter of minutes. The only difference or complication that could incur when installing a shower head is if you want recessed shower heads like a rain head that requires a different position.

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