Old School RuneScape is absolutely free to play on PC and mobile devices

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The God Wars Dungeon isn't going anyplace, but it's heading towards its finale with the arrival of the final boss: Nex The General. As the last antagonist in OSRS gold that's more than a decade in development and bringing her down will not be an easy feat even. Players teams can grow up to 80 players at once therefore you'll probably not be able to do it alone.

Nex appears to be very popular as an addition to the game. Every RuneScape update must receive 75 percent approval from users before it can go live. the General got through with over 90 percent of players voting to bring Nex into the game.

Anyone with membership at any level is able to take on the boss, but Jagex does recommend those levels as follows: 70 Ranging, 70 Strength 70 Agility, 70 Ranged, 70 Hitpoints. You'll also need to complete this Desert Treasure quest, so you'll be able to access the Frozen Door. This door is used to access Nex's world which allows you to test to take on the monster for yourself.

Naturally, as you'd expect from any good boss battle, there's some stunning loot that can be obtained. Jagex hasn't gone into more detail on what's to come but they've revealed that among the items that are up to grabs is an Ancient Godsword, Zaryte crossbow and the Torva armour set.

If you'd like try this expansion out for your self, Old School RuneScape is absolutely free to play on PC and mobile devices. This expansion, however, is only available to players with a paid subscription.

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