Salient Features of the New Range of AeroNaut Model Boat Kits

Ages of Sail shares insight into the salient features of the new range of the AeroNaut model boat kits and ship kits that are designed to help families enjoy the boats in real time and be carefree on the quality.

Over the past 80 years, AeroNaut has been manufacturing some of the most creative, quality focussed and improved model boat kits that make the modellers thrive to purchase them. The RC capable kits are designed to bring about a change in the way that the modellers typically function. Conventional model boat kits are redesigned to help give you a taste of sport boats and battleships. There are several kits and models that can be easily purchased and enjoyed for leisure as well. You can easily have competitions and see your boats in water.


Some of the leading names and models of the kits are highlighted as follows for the selection of modellers to enjoy in the present and the future:

  • Anna 3 Fishing Trawler
  • Aqua-Race 50 Outboard Engine
  • Aqua Race 60 Outboard Mount
  • Aqua Race Classic Engine
  • Bismarck Battleship and Fitting Set
  • Capri Sport Boat
  • Clipper Sailboat
  • Diva Cabin Boat
  • Hansa Dinghy


Ages of Sail hosts these models along with many others for the modellers to pick from. We also check the quality of every kit before proposing the same to our customers. Our experienced staff members offer you a comparative analysis of the best kits that would suit your needs and help you achieve your goals. Our highly quality focused model boat kits and ship kits also come in combo sets that feature models that are exclusive and strong.


The Aeronaut models have established their abilities of quality focus with much rigour and have been in the business for modellers across the globe since over 8 decades. The new range is based on the ideas of RC boats majorly that can be easily floated and used in water by even kids. You can easily assemble them and give your kids a new adventure and activity to indulge in. There are several other ways that the RC boats can be enjoyed if you want a change from the typical types of ship kits that you have been purchasing until now.


Ages of Sail brings you several other RC models by other brands too but the AeroNaut ones are the most reputed and reliable types of boats for the young generations. The quality is controlled and improved with every model for a long-lasting output from your purchase and investment in these boats. Without the need for additional parts, these boats are the best returns on the investment that you make for the adventure and fun. You can even take them on vacations or picnics with family for the children to enjoy over the course of time.


Bring the latest Models of AeroNaut model kits to your home and give yourself a chance to enjoy the most lucrative types of kits. The engines of the RC boats are carefully designed and tested through a rigorous system to give you the desired outputs and improved systems. The sailboats are also inspired from the past to help you learn the history while you enjoy the new range with much excitement. Call us now to get the latest deals.

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