What if Dracthyr might also be another class?

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WoW Dragonflight's Latest Dracthyr Race Could Support More Classes In the Future, Blizzard says.

World of Warcraft 's upcoming Dragonflight expansion will introduce a brand new race and class when it arrives later in the year, but in a first for the longrunning MMORPG The newly introduced race and the class will be unique to each other. This, however, may not be the case in all cases.

The Dracthyr class will only be able as the brand new Evoker class and vice versa for Dragonflight In an interview recently of P2Pah, WoW associate game director Morgan Day did make a claim that the situation could change with time.

In a conversation with Day about the Dracthyr's unique dragon-themed abilities that comprise the capability to fly through the air, blow enemies away with gusts of air from their wings and then tail-whip them into the air--Day explained that although Blizzard is focused on the Dracthyr's abilities working well alongside the Evoker They must as well work in conjunction with other classes should Blizzard decide that the Dracthyr could become a new class in the future.

"Future Us might decide, "What if Dracthyr might also be another class?'" Day said. "Right right now, it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense for them to be given the possibility of taking another class as they're in the process of waking up and finding out who they really are and what their inherent abilities are. As they interact with the world and learn more about Azeroth as well as the different races and the different cultures of Azeroth, maybe they'll learn some of these other skills. However, that's something for the Future Us thing."

Since the revelation of the Dracthyr and Evoker the Evoker and Dracthyr, many fans have been tempted to believe the new race might develop to include melee-based classes such as rogues and warriors. While cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold are magicians who utilize the various power of the WoW universe's dragonflights that are powerful The notion of playing as an axe-wielding Dracthyr warrior on the frontline or even another class using magic is a powerful fantasy for a large portion of players.


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