4 Reasons Why Building an iOS Apps Are Best to Boost Your Business

Here we present an essayed point of view about the reasons that attract business owners towards preferring iOS versions of their apps over that on any other platform.

We have come a long way since having our first apps. It feels strange in a way to remind ourselves that most apps back then were games that we downloaded for fun. Apps today have a whole different meaning to it. The combination of smart devices and rapid fast internet connectivity has resulted in a lot of user engagement. Every business wants to leverage on this unmatched user attention and apps are the best way to do it. 

Much to our dislike, the world is split between two major technologies when it comes to mobile devices and the software that powers it. Since the software is different, the apps that run on that software have to be built differently. Different numbers suggest different stories. What tells us conclusively is the fact that apps on iOS devices make a lot more money than apps on Android devices. This pretty much explains the enthusiasm and urge to work on iOS platforms for developers. 

Why iOS Apps Are Best For Businesses 

From the outside, the numbers look pretty much even in terms of Android vs iOS apps. There are two versions of every popular app you would see out there. But if you interact with anyone within the trade, let’s say for instance someone offering iOS application development service, you would know that there are clear preferences. There are also levels in development, but why?

Why is it that most businesses prefer iOS apps over Android apps? Why is it that there is more innovation and advancement among the iOS apps compared to their counterparts? Well, here are four most commonly acknowledged reasons why iOS apps tend to attract more businesses than their peers.

  • Security

As the usage of mobile devices increased, data sharing became evidently high. This data could be anything from personal to professional. User data is a very sensitive subject. On top of it, behavioral analytics has become perhaps the most valued piece on the internet. Everyone wants to know your behavior and interaction with your devices to be able to serve you ads.

iOS devices have a rather strict policy about tracking user data. The tracking by default is off and the users can pick and choose what data they want to share with their apps. Along with that, iOS devices are also less vulnerable to hack attempts compared to other devices. These security measures act as the differentiating factor for iOS devices.

  • Return on Investment

Although there are more Android devices currently in use than iOS devices, the business that the iOS devices generate is remarkable. The sales figures also don’t paint an accurate picture in terms of revenues. iOS devices generated 63% of the total revenue of $133bn generated by all apps across all devices. 

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This contrasting difference in revenue generation from the apps is down to two factors – the superiority in hardware and software from the makers and the user base. We all know about the quality of software and the hardware that Apple produces. What remains an intangible aspect to measure is the user base Apple has. The user base for iOS devices mostly consists of resourceful and tech savvy people who wouldn’t mind paying a little premium for quality. This results in better in-app revenue and also greater leads for businesses. All of this together provides faster and better returns on investment for businesses. 

  • Hardware

The evolution in hardware manufacturing has also been a huge reason for the company’s success overall. The amazing abilities of the hardware and the devices meant that developers could ask the access to it for their own apps. Hardware features like face ID, biometrics and motion sensors have been path-breaking for apps to incorporate developers in their apps. 

Apple devices continue to pour everything into their devices. They also let third-party apps have access over it. This has made features like payment, authentication and streaming very prominent on iOS devices.

  • Software

Another parallel bandwagon to success has been the constant evolution and innovation at the software level. Apple has a holistic approach to innovation and technology. They believe in having everything made or at least assembled under the same umbrella of manufacturing. Because of this approach, iOS has become a huge thing. It has unmatched capabilities. 

The speed, security and smooth user experience of the software that powers these devices becomes an instant hit for the user base. Apps on these devices are able to reap the benefits of a quick, responsive and smooth operating system. All of this comes together and forms a great user experience which plays a huge part in a lead turning into business.


From the outside, the battle looks evenly fought between the two giants of mobile devices. What we don’t recognize is the sheer indifference in the revenue models and subsequently, the numbers. The iOS devices continue to outmuscle their rivals with their sheer excellence in software, hardware and emphasis on user data security. All of this combines and results into offering great returns for businesses. Of course businesses don’t want to miss out on the other user base but it is obvious at this point who is really winning.

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