The modern era home run hitter

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The home run is a term that can be found to be a synonym for Baseball. It is one thing that is discussed at great lengths. Many people started learning about baseball when they go to know about this. 


It is the term that refers to the highest value shot in the game. Here, the hitter is responsible for hitting the ball out of the park or boundary. It is also the sentence that commentators generally use for long-distance delivery!


Such is its importance that a single home run can make or break the result for the team. That is why is also considered a factor of deliverance for any baseball player. 


But it is not enough to hit the ball at a long distance. The hitter needs to cover all bases and return to his original position without any act that can be called a foul or result in being sent out. 


Now it doesn’t sound as easy as it did before, does it? But there is one player that has made it possible in the modern era. It is Anthony Rizzo. The kind of spectacular gameplay that has been shown by him this season is commendable. 


So one can easily expect the Anthony Rizzo Shirts to be sold out this season. Heis benign called the modern era home run hitter by the people. This season has been a blast for him.


At the beginning itself, he managed to score 2 home runs. This has been bought him in the top preferred players of all time. 

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