What to do to fix fraudulent activities on your AOL account?

If you're having problems viewing and receiving your AOL Mail, it may well be caused by many things. Most of the problems are often fastened with a few of fast troubleshooting steps.

Nowadays you have to stay aware of the fraudulent activities on the online platforms. So, like other accounts, if you have an AOL account then you might encounter email frauds and these frauds involve the email offenses. The most common and recurring frauds online are commonly of personal information scams or email phishing with malicious content activities. These scams involve the use of the email message that appears to come on-screen and prompt you to “Update” and “Verify”. If you have the AOL Mail Login account and you are one of those who are struggling with this issue then we recommend you go through this article. 

What are the steps to report a scam on AOL? 

Here in this section, you will get the steps to report the scam on the AOL account.

  1. First of all, sign in to the AOL email account and see the fraud or scam emails that are visible in your inbox.
  2. Just collect all the relevant information as much as possible and make sure you know what sort of issues you are facing in your email account.
  3. The next step says that you have to copy and paste all the emails in a synchronized manner on the new AOL Mail Login page. 
  4. Just tap on the “Enter” button at the starting of the email messages to allow some space to write on the top. 
  5. Now, write a letter naming the “AOL legal department” giving you the information that will be referred to as emails below the section. 
  6. Remember, if you wish to have another account then make sure you have the email type. 
  7. Enter “AOL [email protected]” in the “To” section and enter the “Subject” and then tap on the “Send” option. 
  8. Congratulations! You have successfully reported the suspected frauds and scams to the AOL legal departments you will get the revert within 2-3 business days.
  9. If you are still receiving the scam emails or the fraud emails then we suggest you visit the official AOL Mail Login support website.

In a conclusive viewpoint: 

This article clearly explains the process to report a scam or the phishing email with corrupted content in brief. We hope the steps discussed in this article helps you to report and fix the persisting invasion of corrupted emails. However, if you still have queries related to the topic then it is strongly suggested to visit the AOL Mail Login support website as on the website you will surely get the solutions to deal with the issue with proper guidelines.

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