Dark and Darker has been released

Dark and Darker has been released on PC however is currently unavailable.

Ironmace has issued a statement calling the allegations "baseless," and that any resemblance to the Nexon venture is due to the game's nature as a "basic dungeon crawler." Nexon has recommended that Dark and Darker could not likely were advanced as speedy as it became, which Ironmace countered by pointing to Dark And Darker Gold the game's heavy use of keep-sold belongings.

Dark and Darker has been released on PC however is currently unavailable.

Dark and Darker DMCA Allegations Are ‘Baseless,’ Developer Says

Developer Ironmace troubles a prolonged statement approximately the continued controversy surrounding its conventional dungeon crawler Dark and Darker.

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In response to the latest development within the debacle surrounding indie dungeon crawler Dark and Darker, developer Ironmace says that Nexon's DMCA takedown be aware is “baseless.” The state of affairs has been growing steadily more serious, resulting in Dark and Darker being removed from Darker Gold Steam on March 25, however it all started a 12 months and a 1/2 in the past.

In 2021, a collection of Nexon employees have been operating on a challenge dubbed P3. One of the task crew leaders left the corporation after being accused of leaking or stealing information, challenge belongings, and supply code. Over time, approximately 10 different P3 crew participants left Nexon and moved to Ironmace, the developer of Dark and Darker. In December 2022, the sport commenced an alpha playtest, which was available thru Steam. A couple of months later, it turned into discovered that Nexon had filed a felony criticism accusing Dark and Darker's developer of using P3 task code and belongings in its new dungeon crawler.

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