Like most leagues at Path of Exile

A league wouldn't be complete without new methods

Like most leagues at Path of Exile, this league includes a meta development system that gives massive rewards in the event that you're able to overcome the challenge. In Delirium, each encounter you finish will fall splinters that could be joined to POE currency trade craft a special map. This map is called The Simulacrum, that will teleport players into a difficult encounter that will shower you with loot upon conclusion. If leagues like Legion or Breach are anything to go by, Simulacrum assignments will provide massive rewards.

A league wouldn't be complete without new methods of tackling the content. While not all abilities are understood yet, the three shown thus far seem amazing.Blade Blast is a skill which detonates blades around the ground, which is generated by the likes of Blade Cortex or Ethereal Knives. These blades can be used to create Animated Weapons for boss battles. Wands have an overhauled Kinetic Bolt, bouncing and forking every time it strikes on a target. The final skill shown is Stormbrand, creating runes around you while you channel that may siphon your mana to detonate with fantastic effect.

Many Path of Exile fans have complained that the Conquerers of the Atlas growth was too confusing and encouraged gamers to not complete maps for optimum Atlas bonuses. This is being addressed in"Delirium." Returning vendor recipes should allow players to undo progression in their Atlas into target-farm items they wish. Conquerers are now deterministic in regards to spawning, making progression through the Atlas considerably simpler. Vaal side areas and also the Temple of Atzoatl will also be getting some much-needed focus to buy Path of exile currency keep them up to date with modern mechanisms and systems.

Jewels are items that players can socket in their passive skill tree for bonuses. While that's nothing new, passive skill jewels are. These stones are rewarded with successfully completing Delirium encounters, capable of adding new passives on your shrub to spec into. These may vary from extra life nodes to entirely new notables to change the way your personality works. With over 280 notables there is a significant quantity of experimentation that players may opt to pursue.

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